The 2nd General Assembly of ICYF-DC started with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an on 9th October 2014. Esteemed guests gave opening speeches in regards to the establishment of ICYF-DC and its progress since its initiation in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2004. ICYF-DC Secretary General Ambassador Elshad Iskandarov gave a welcoming speech, sincerely appreciating the efforts of all individuals and parties that supported the organization and continue to do so through the upholding of its activities to date.

The representatives of Syria, Palestine and Iraq read their statements on the situation of the youth in their countries.

The Action Plan and Charter which was to be presented to the approval of delegates was discussed, with a focus on two global projects for LDC youth and an introduction on ICYEN. Among the issues presented is the alarming rate of unemployment of youth in the Muslim world and the exposure of youth to extremism and radicalism. An overview of the targets of ICYEN expresses the hope of more active participation of its branches in more than forty countries. The resolutions proposed the Second General Assembly of ICYEN to be held in 2015 and for ICYEN to work as an affiliated institution to the ICYF-DC with the President of the Board and the Secretary General to be delegated by ICYF-DC.

The distinguished candidates for the new Board introduced themselves and expressed their proposals for future activities. Milestones were set by the delegates for the projects on capacity building, and a committee of three delegates (Uganda, Algeria, and Kashmir) is to draft a project within a period of one month on improving education, training and combatting youth employment.

During the 2nd GA, six honorable speakers will give presentations on the second day of the General Assembly on issues like youth unemployment and social mobility in OIC countries, societal and political participation of youth, gender inequalities, radicalism and extremism, and Islamic values in the context of globalization based on the policy papers studied by ICYF-DC’s supporting academicians.

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