Amb. Iskandarov: Hatred propaganda and Weapon of Mass Destruction is dangerous combination

Amb. Iskandarov: Hatred propaganda and Weapon of Mass Destruction is dangerous combination

ICYF-DC President Amb. Elshad Iskandarov presented intervention at the round table on “The role of education in enhancing social reconciliation in conflict areas” organized at the UN World Humanitarian Summit by Qatar Charity Foundation in cooperation with ISESCO and coalition of education-oriented international organizations yesterday.

Speaking on behalf of ISESCO, President of ICYF-DC mentioned that current conflicts the word is facing with are depriving whole generations of knowledge and development opportunities that only education could provide. Concerning this he has presented ISESCO strategies in meeting such as strategic guidelines adopted, upon the initiative of ISESCO, by the Third Islamic Conference of Ministers in charge of Childhood. While speaking of ISESCO’s concrete actions he emphasized on educational information programme broadcast by the BBC for adolescent refugees displaced from Afghanistan, Somalia, Sierra Leone and Yemen. Amb Iskandarov also presented ISESCO training activities for trainers specialized in Education in Emergencies.

While speaking on joint ICYF-DC/ISESCO cooperation in utilizing education as tool for conflict prevention Amb. Iskandarov delivered a presentation of the program on “OIC Memorial day for human-made tragedies” as effective tool for rehabilitation of new generations affected by the conflict’s traumatic experience. “This is particularly relevant since one of the gravest sources of contemporary conflicts is hatred-based propaganda aimed at dehumanization of the whole communities based on their ethnic, religious, sectarian or cultural backgrounds.”-said Islandarov.

In this regard the speaker presented example of Armenian regime which rationalizes its illegal occupation of Azerbaijani territories by human-degrading and racist propaganda. He cited warning by President of the Republic of Azerbaycan H.E. Ilham Aliyev calling the attention of the Summit to recent statements by high-ranking Armenia officials indicating on nightmare possibility of using the Weapon of Mass Destruction by Armenia to preserve the status quo in the occupied Nagorno Karabkh region of Azerbaijan adding that : “Combination of nuclear materials (which in this case are radioactive fuel processing waste of nuclear power plant in possession of Armenia) with human-degrading ideology are indeed ingredients of nightmare scenario of escalating the conflict in the very sensitive region of South Caucasus.”

“The case of Nagorno Karabakh conflict is notoriously well fitting such scenarios. In 1992 the whole population of Azeri town of Khojaly was annihilated by the forces which constitute today’s ruling regime of Armenia – the so-called “Karabakh clan”. The hatred propaganda of this regime is not just poisoning new generation with anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Turkish sentiments but developed the all-out system which dehumanizes the whole race as “uncivilized and inhumane elements”, whom former President of Armenia called from Council of Europe for as “genetically incompatible with Armenians”. Exactly such rhetoric were the “rationale” behind genocidal campaigns of Hitler against Jews, Miloshevic’s Srebrenica and Sarkissian’s Khojaly massacres.” – mentioned the speaker.

While summarizing his point, Amb. Iskandarov highlighted the utmost importance for international partnership in education to develop the early stage alarm mechanism in order to recognize such dangerous propaganda machines and step in with a view of preventing circulation of its poisoning effect.

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