Amb. Iskandarov Sensitized Young Diplomats on Pressing Issues in the OIC Agenda

Amb. Iskandarov Sensitized Young Diplomats on Pressing Issues in the OIC Agenda

       Today ICYF-DC President Amb. Elshad Iskandarov delivered a lecture at panel entitled “Dynamics of OIC Decision Making and Functioning” at the Workshop for Junior Diplomats from OIC Member States” organized by SESRIC in Istanbul.

       Talking to distinguished group of junior diplomats Amb. Iskandarov enlightened the importance of that building effective institutions being of critical importance to enhance capacity of any inter-governmental union. He underlined that did such institutional capacity and will be in tact heart-breaking tragedies such as humanitarian crisis in Rohinghya and Yemen would have been overcome by Muslim countries themselves.  

       While underlying critical importance of young generation of Muslim countries in this process he said : ” At ICYF-DC, we put into the center of our work the vision that youth represent the future of our Member States, not only literally, but also in terms of their capacities to bring constructive growth and holistic change to our societies, and realize a future in the interest of all”.

       Talking about importance of efforts to build comprehensive mechanism of coordinated youth policies by OIC Member States he presented the audience with the long road of building ICYF-DC. ICYF-DC President further dwelled into analyses of balance between real world necessity, capacity and political will of governmental entities; common and conflicting interests; the role of multilateral institutions as platform to empower opportunities and overcome challenges; importance of mechanisms of enforcing and following up the adopted decisions. Illustrating these important elements of diplomacy by practical examples of international institution building from his career in the United Nations and the OIC, Amb.Iskandarov underlined important decisions by the 3rd Islamic Conference of Youth and Sports Ministers which put into action critical elements of Joint Youth policy – namely drafted OIC Youth Strategy, adopted Joint Action Plan and mandated ICYF-DC as Secretariat on youth issues to follow-up the agreed upon road map of cooperation.       He also mentioned that building cooperation in such domains as youth and humanitarian issues should be inclusive and keep out of political differences and schisms complementing the political work of the OIC.

       The workshop will continue tomorrow with Model OIC Training and Simulation Session organized by ICYF-DC.

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