Apply Now! Win Your Free Flight Ticket to MOIC 2016 (Deadline: July 20)

Apply Now! Win Your Free Flight Ticket to MOIC 2016 (Deadline: July 20)

ICYF-DC offers  following prizes for the online applicants of MOIC 2016

  • Covering whole international flight ticket cost of 10 Students

 Note: ICYF-DC  Evaluation Committee will evaluate all submissions and  will announce prize winners on August 2


IMOIC is an academic simulation of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that aims to educate participants about current trends in theory and practice of international relations, effective communication and multilateral diplomacy. It will also help to develop the network between the Universities and Youth Organizations of the OIC Member and Observer States.

IMOIC is to be a unique international simulation version of the OIC. Having no analogies in the world, being supervised by ICYF-DC, the participants are divided into delegations of heads of ’’OIC Member States”, and simulate the real life OIC diplomat module. According to the agenda of the Conference simulation sessions of Islamic Summit, with discussion of its real life agenda are taking place. Delegates are taking part in the sessions design to take into consideration the interest of “REPRESENTED STATE” as well as participant’s personal field of interest. Program consist of  panels, trainings and  simulation seasons in which  students  have opportunity  to  increase  their  knowledge on global politics  and  Diplomacy

4th  IMOIİC  Global program  which  have  been previously hosted by Malaysia, Turkey and Tatarstan, will  take place in  Meshhad  Islamic republic  Iran in  22-28 October 2016,  with the theme of  “Cooperation and Unity in Countering Extremism, Overcoming Divisions and Strengthening Islamic Solidarity .

4th International MODEL OIC

This year, together with its partners ICYF-DC will invite around 200 outstanding students from the top-tier Universities of the OIC Member States, scholars, diplomats and state officials to participate at the 4th IMOIC. The group of outstanding students of political science and international relations, during 5 days of the Global Summit simulations, will receive high-end trainings in critical tools of understanding and further promoting of knowledge based approach to the contemporary international relations and will have chance to practice their skills in two days simulation games.The  4TH ınternational  Model OIC wiil  take place in  Masshad, Islamic Republic of Iran with the theme of  “Cooperation and Unity in Countering Extremism, Overcoming Divides and Strengthening Islamic Solidarity”  in which the  Program  Agenda  will consist of 4 main topics, namely; Extremism/Security, Islamophobia, Sectarianism and Refuge Crisis.


Main Theme of MOIC 2016 is ““Cooperation and Unity in Countering Extremism, Overcoming Divisions and Strengthening Islamic Solidarity”  with the sub themes of  Extremism/Security, Islamophobia, Sectarianism and Refuge Crisis


Model OIC is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the OIC. MOIC involves and teaches researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.  ICYF-DC, with its mandate to build capacity among diplomats and member states, offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in a MOIC.

Overall goal and learning objectives

The goal of a Model OIC is to provide participants with an insight into the functions and procedures of the OIC System. ICYF-DC perceives MOIC  as  a  interactive teaching unit in which the future  diplomats and OIC officials of tomorrow, are  trained according to the values of the OIC

At the end of the activity, participants will be able to:

  • –  Understand and apply the rules of procedure and functioning of the OIC System;
  • –  Explain the importance of informal consultations;
  • –  Draft a OIC resolution;
  • –  Perform more efficiently as a negotiator;
  • –  Perform more efficiently when speaking in public.


Model : The simulation over 6 days, during which participants need to assume roles as diplomats and representatives of real countries, research these countries and their policies.

In advance, prepare position papers and resolutions, present and debate them and adopt resolutions in the bodies. Participants represent a country as a team form of three. Participants will need to act authentically and represent their country to the best of their knowledge and ability, making the simulation as realistic as possible. MOICs can focus on the work of the following OIC bodies: General Assembly or council of Ministries


Offical  Language is English


International Youth Participants: representatives of the universities and youth organizations from the OIC geography

Resource Persons

The trainers and resource persons consist of experts in the OIC System who regularly train within the framework of ICYF-DC’s Training Programme on Multilateral Diplomacy and outstanding academicians in the field of  political science, international relations and regional studies of middle east



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