ICYF-DC 3rd General Assembly Gala Closing Hailed Life time services of ICYF-DC President, Announced Doha as OIC Youth Capital 2019

ICYF-DC 3rd General Assembly Gala Closing Hailed Life time services of ICYF-DC President, Announced Doha as OIC Youth Capital 2019

ICYF-DC 3rd General Assembly Gala Closing Hailed Life time services of ICYF-DC President, Announced Doha as OIC Youth Capital 2019

The last day of the 3rd General Assembly of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), 24 October 2018, witnessed the Closing Gala held in the historic Esma Sultan Castle, featuring several important announcements and celebrating the role of H.E. Amb. Elshad Iskandarov and dedicated founding team of ICYF-DC in bringing organization to the centre of youth development and progress in Muslim world.

Speaking on behalf of the OIC Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General H.E. Amb. Hisham Yusuf expressed high appreciation of the second largest international organization to ICYF-DC which under leadership of Amb. Iskandarov became an indispensible partner of OIC in youth policies fostering several mile-stone developments such as OIC Youth Strategy. While announcing the official information received by the OIC General Secretariat on appointment of Amb. Elshad Iskandarov as Ambassador at large of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for relations with OIC and OIC institutions he stressed the General Secretariat welcoming such decision and looking forward to benefiting from Amb.Iskandarov’s experience and dedication in the future.

The role of Amb. Iskandarov in development of ICYF-DC and dedication in service to youth of Ummah was also underlined in the appreciations of the Governments of Azerbaijan, Qatar, Palestine, Indonesia, Iran, Tatarstan (RF) and Turkey whose high-level representatives stressed his vision and role in founding and development of organization, building it from the scratch to the level of widely recognized centre of excellence in implementation of creative programs at the service of Muslim youth globally. On this auspicious occasion Amb. Iskandarov was decorated with the Qatari Medal of Sheykh Tamim for the development of Culture, Special ISESCO Medal of Excellence and acknowledged with Diploma of the State of Palestine acknowledging his services for the cause of Al-Quds, Letters and Diplomas of the Ministries of Youth of Iran, Azerbaijan, Indonesia and Tatarstan (RF) for services in development of Muslim youth. Upon decision of the Board of ICYF-DC Amb. Iskandarov has also been decorated with the one of two only titles of THE FOUNDER OF ICYF-DC receiving also the Plague and Diploma of the Honorary Title.

In his thanks remarks Amb. Elshad Iskandarov appreciated all those who throughout the years contributed to development of ICYF-DC – the first president of organizations Dr. Ali Sarıkaya, vice-presidents Mr. Reda Mehigueni and Abdurrahman Topash, dedicated teams of Secretariats of ICYF-DC and its Eurasian Regional Office, Member States who supported ICYF initiatives since its establishment, partner institutions in the OIC and beyond and most importantly ICYF members who became the pillars of the organization in the Member States and youth communities. While evaluating the results of the General Assembly he expressed wishes for success to the newly elected President, Vice-Presidents, the Board and other organs of ICYF expressing his confidence that important decisions of the General Assembly will ensure that new teams will build upon the success of founders and keep the organization’s established high standards of service to the youth of Ummah.

The Gala Ceremony has also featured important announcement of selection of Doha, the capital of the State of Qatar as the OIC Youth Capital for 2019. It was stated with the appreciation that the General Assembly has unanimously voted for such selection in its resolution on ICYF-DC Biennial Action Plan (S/GA-3/2018/R7). On such auspicious occasion, H.E. Salah Bin Ghanem Al Ali, the Minister of Culture and Sports of the State of Qatar, receiving from ICYF-DC President H.E. Amb. Elshad Iskandarov the official plague of “Doha – the OIC Youth Capital 2019” welcomed the decision as the trust of OIC youth to Qatar and ensured that his country would do its best in successfully implementing this important international program of ICYF aimed at fostering youth empowerment and solidarity.

The Gala ended with Award Ceremony for the winners of “Human Faces of Al-Quds” photographic competition, a project that is part of the ongoing “Al-Quds OIC Youth Capital 2018” international programme as well as with outstanding Ebru Art performance.

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