ICYF-DC President stresses youth as prime target of philanthropy at the Global Donors Forum

ICYF-DC President stresses youth as prime target of philanthropy at the Global Donors Forum

25 May, 2016. ISTANBUL:  President of the ICYF-DC, Amb. Elshad Iskandarov addressed the High-Level Opening Plenary of the 2016 Global Donors Forum  under the theme of  “Resetting Priorities, Redefining Roles” organized in Istanbul in the framework of the first ever UN Humanitarian Forum by the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists in cooperation with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, United Nations Development Programme.

Talking to the audience of representatives of international organizations, donor community and experts Amb. Iskandarov dwelled into the root-causes of the rise of extremism in Islamic World pointing on challenges of under-development, youth unemployment and lack of educational opportunities. In this regard ICYF-DC President has highlighted much needed reforms to set up comprehensive youth strategies for the OIC region. He informed the gathering on the results of the recent OIC Young Leaders Summit organized by ICYF-DC as part of the OIC 13th Head of States Summit held in Istanbul on 14-15 April, 2016 which brought together government official, international institutions together with about 200 champions of youth issues and which resulted with adopted of The Recommendations further approved by the 13th OIC Summit.

“In order to define a methodology for overcoming challenges affected by young people we need actions” – said Iskandarov highlighting that ICYF-DC in cooperation with other OIC institutions is preparing concrete road-map of such joint actions to constitute a turning point of establishing Joint Youth Policy in the OIC region and to be adopted by the forthcoming 3rd OIC Youth and Sports Ministerial scheduled to be held in October in Istanbul. While working on a policy level ICYF-DC is also implementing practical programmes on providing youth with online space to engage in active citizenship as well as supporting entrepreneurship. In this regard ICYF-DC President highlighted the Online Start-ups Platform announced as the outcome of the 2nd Kazan Youth Entrepreneurship Forum. Stressing importance of this first-ever initiative in the OIC to support young start-ups Amb. Iskandarov said : “If you doubt the transformational potential of IT investment, consider that Indian intelligence agencies estimate that there may be at most 23 Indian Daesh recruits – from a population of 172 million Indian Muslims. That is still 23 recruits too many, but compares very favorably with many other countries. One of the reason behind this is believed to be education and enterpreneurial opprtunities existing for youth in Indian IT centers like Bangalore”.

In this regard inviting philantropist community to invest into youth ICYF-DC President remarked : “When Muslim youth have a choice between false martyrdom in Syria or becoming live bomb in Brussels or Ankara and a high-tech start-up in Bangalore, I am not surprised that they choose the latter. The strategic question for all us is : How many Bangalore’s can the Muslim world build?”

The Forum will continue for 2 days and it will focus on issues of philanthropy, countering extremism, sustainable development goals and seeks insights from leaders on how to establish a solid path forward for philanthropy in general and Muslim giving in particular.

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