ICYF-DC signs up for several “FIRST TIME EVER”s in Kuwait

ICYF-DC signs up for several “FIRST TIME EVER”s in Kuwait

ICYF-DC President Amb. Elshad Iskandarov message on the occassion of completion of Kuwait Ministerial Conference:

“Assalamu Aleykum and Congratulations to all ICYF-DC community. Just few moments ago OIC Foreign Ministerial Conference adopted resolution on Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation. The document stipulates the role of ICYF-DC as being leading OIC institution in the area of youth policy, approves the Forum’s projects and programmes for a year ahead.

Of particular importance are the following initiatives approved by the Conference being the first in the history of the Ummah:

1. Holding a year long programme of “Istanbul – OIC Youth Capital” ( for the first time in OIC history)

2. Holding of first ever pre-OIC Youth Summit in 2016

3. Approval of ICYF- DC “10 Goals in 10 Years” Declaration as OIC youth strategy (first ever) for the next 10 years

I wish these and other programmes be for good of OIC youth; serve for strengthening Muslim youth development and solidarity; support our dialogue with the world; and call for all members and partners for exerting necessary efforts for implementations of the great volume of work ahead. I thank our collegues at ICYF-DC Headquerters, OIC General Secretariat and all partners who worked hard for several months for development of this resolution and apprecaite decision by brotherly OIC Member States Ministers for its unilateral approval.

Wassalamu aleykum wa rahmatu Allahu wa barakatuhu”

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