6 February 2013. Cairo. The 12th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference started its work on February 6, 2013, in Cairo, the Arab Republic of Egypt with participation of the OIC Heads of States and Governments as well as Heads of the OIC institutions. H.E. Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Chairman of the Summit in his opening statement talking about the youth of the OIC geography stressed the activities of the OIC Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation.

“Also, I call upon you to give due care to promoting inter-OIC youth communication in all scientific, academic, cultural, technical, and other areas through organizing youth events and activities periodically – especially on the sideline of the Islamic Summit. This can also be done through expanding the activities of the OIC Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation, to act as a platform for communication and continued exchange among Muslim World youth, together with developing cooperation in training programs and grants, and student-exchange programs”, President Morsi told.

Final Communique of the 12th Session of the Summit also affirmed the interest in the promotion of contacts among the youth of our countries in various scientific, academic, cultural, technical, sports, and other domains through regular youth events and activities, and to expand the activities of the OIC Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation in order for it to become a channel of continuous engagement and mutual knowledge, to develop cooperation in programmes, and grant training and student exchange.

Islamic Summit Conference is the highest body of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation and assembles its Sessions once a three year with participation of the Heads of States and Governments of the 57 Member Countries.

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