PRESS RELEASE: ICYF-DC’s #LetterToIsraeliPeer campaign hits number 4 in Twitter’s World’s TT

PRESS RELEASE: ICYF-DC’s #LetterToIsraeliPeer campaign hits number 4 in Twitter’s World’s TT

ICYF-DC’s #LetterToIsraeliPeer campaign hits number 4 in Twitter’s World’s TT

03.08.2014 İstanbul

ICYF-DC’s #LetterToIsraeliPeer campaign hits number 4 in Twitter’s World’s trend topics. Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation, an affiliated international organization with the OIC has initiated “4 Clicks For Conscience” campaign in social media. The campaign aimed to address hundreds of thousands of Israeli young peers with the letter calling to speak out for stopping massacre of civilians in Gaza.

On 2 August ICYF-DC organized a working meeting with the leading Turkish journalists in Turkey aimed at pushing its social media campaign under #LetterToIsraeliPeer hashtag.

Addressing the meeting attended by leading Turkish journalists (almost 2 million Twitter followers totally) along with Murat Yıldırım, the Chairman of Parliamentary Palestine Friendship Group, ICYF-DC Secretary General Ambassador Elshad Iskandarov stressed “We want Israeli youth to raise their voices against their government for the regime they’ve put into action in Gaza. By sending this letter, we aim to remind the Holocoust applied to Israelis’ ancestors and wake them up that the same is happening in Gaza now. We call Israelis for conscience by pointing out the facts from their own history, their own religion and their own memories”.

Soon after the synchronized tweeting of the letter by journalists, celebrities and youth activists along, the campaign became number 4 Trend Topic in Twitter’s world list. Iskandarov also declared that the campaign achieved 300.000 letters sent to Israelis and that ICYF-DC will continue campaign and will share evaluation of its results with international public.

#LetterToIsraeliPeer states:

“I address you in the name of The One Creator of humanity and in the name of sacred values, which allow us not to dehumanize others and remain human beings ourselves.

The recent mass killing of civilians of Gaza by your government is shocking the world. It retrieves the worth memories of Holocaust that continue to shake human consciousness. The indiscriminate power fine targeting of civilians doesn’t justify security concerns whatever they might be. Despite hypocritical “balanced approach” by global media the images of Gaza anger million people around the world; inflame anti-Semitism and radicalize inter-religious and inter-civilization animosities globally.

Take a minute to address yourself, your consciousness. Does it want to bear the dark weight of such responsibility? As representative of the ethical tradition of the Prophet Moses who saved human beings from captivity, oppression and humiliation, as heir to the people who went through nutsy annihilation campaign you can’t but to see your government putting your people into the shoes of barbarian baby-killers cursed by humanity. The action of your Government are not only targeting women and children; they are also directed against the memory of slaughtered Jews of Auschwitz, Euthanasia and Kulmhof.
We believe that Jewish people is greater and more than its government. Protest of many Jews around the world is yet another proof that the spirit of Abrahamic compassion lives within us.
Take a minute:
Read from independent source ( ) about atrocities being committed every day in Gaza;
Protest killing of children and women; slaughter of worshipper during prayers and fast-breaks; destruction of sanctuaries like hospitals and mosques. Protest in any form you CAN – not allow murder to happen in your name!
Do it in the name of Jewish people slaughtered during Holocaust in synagogues and their homes while having Shabbat; in the name of Torah which sacred text commands that “killing of a soul is like killing of the world”; in the name of humanity which we ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR!”

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