3 June 2016. Istanbul. Today President of ICYF-DC Amb. Elshad Iskandarov delivered a statement which reveals that “in aftermath of the resolution adopted by the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany regarding the 1915 events the Board of ICFYF-DC comprising representatives of 9 of the OIC Member States held an emergency consultation.”

“As a result the Board unanimously denounces the resolution as the one which has no legal basis and is contrary to historical facts. Considering that we haven’t heard from German parliament any condemnation of genocidal act perpetrated by Armenian military forces in Azerbaijani town of Khojaly in 1992, neither on the 1915 massacres by Armenian terrorist groups in Anatolia against Muslim Turks, Kurds and others we consider this voting as manifestation of “double-standards” and attempt to use historical debate as a mean of political pressure on Turkey.”- stated Iskandarov.

“ICYF-DC is concerned that such politicization of historical facts and blaming of one side for tragic events of complicated nature can potentially jeopardize the state of millions German citizens of Turkish origin and put entire Muslim communities of Germany and Europe at large under the pressure of smear campaign and further negatively impact inter-community and inter-cultural relations in Europe.” – underlined the head of ICYF-DC.

ICYF-DC President also stated that “in order to educate youth of both OIC countries and Europe in true history concerning the events of 1915, ICYF-DC will both initiate necessary diplomatic steps at the OIC fora and within the programme of “The OIC Memorial Day for commemoration of humanitarian catastrophes of Muslim communities throughout the Twentieth century” will activate its educational programme on Armenian massacres of Muslim peoples of Anatolia in 1915”.

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