The recent bloody events in Gaza have surpassed the limits of regional conflict going beyond merely security issue and triggering dangerous global scenarios.

According to the UN, Israeli “operations have caused high civilian casualties, with a death toll now exceeding 500 Palestinians with more than 3,000 injured. Over 100,000 Palestinians are now displaced” and … The majority of these casualties are civilians”. (

The high death toll among innocent population of the Strip and Israel’s targeting of civilian infrastructure reminds more of “mass homicide” rather than security operation as it is being claimed to be. Holding such barbaric slaughter in Ramadan – the month holy for the world’s Muslims; destruction of mosques crowded with worshippers; bombing of homes when families gather around fast-breaking dinners further inflame religious feelings of millions of Muslims around the world and push the Gaza narrative toward dangerous path of inter-religious war. Double-standard position of the Western mass media trying to put equal responsibility on both sides is even widening geography of such a perception.

Receiving many feed-backs on the Gaza news from youth around the Muslim world, ICYF-DC is deeply concerned and not only about escalation of violence in this sensitive part of the world. It becomes obvious that such mixture of disproportionate brutality against civilians, international impotence to stop mass killing and hypocritical stance by global media” is invigorating radicalism in Muslim countries especially among youth.

ICYF-DC believes that response to Gaza tragedy should lay not only within purely political considerations but also be addressed by the world’s conciseness. This implies also reaching out to Israeli civil society and its ordinary citizens. In our view the most effective way young people throughout the world can response to challenges and global dangerous of the Gaza slaughter is to UNITE. UNITE in understanding that non-reaction to “genocidal campaigns” against any ethnic or religious group in XXI century is inadmissible and pave the way for replication of such events in other parts of the globe. UNITE in demonstrating human and non-discriminatory compassion toward innocent blood irrespective of ethnic, religious and cultural origins of victimized people. UNITE in demonstrating that this not just the issue of Gaza but the issue of Human Consciousness.

With this view ICYF-DC initiates social media campaign #4CLICKS4CONSCIENCE to UNITE young people throughout the world – Jews, Christians, Muslims along with other believers and non-believers in addressing their peers in Israel to protest against aggression in Gaza and call for immediate cease-fire.

We call all youth – organized and individual – to join this campaign by following the link below:

Board of ICYF-DC, an institution affiliated to the OIC

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