On behalf of the Danish Youth Council (DYC) and the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC) we are declaring our common vision on the necessity to maintain and strengthen dialogue among youth of different religions, cultures and civilizations.

In the epoch of globalization characterized by the rapid development of information technologies and evolution of mankind’s consciousness the international security also undergoes the threats and challenges. Unfortunately the latter often involve the clashes created by ideological misunderstanding, in which young people actively participate.

   It is regrettable that, recently number of violent acts engendered under the Islamic slogans has been increasing. On the other hand, the representatives of certain radical parties and groups not conceiving the basic principles of Islam which is translated as “peace” and prohibits violence against the innocent people, commit the defamatory acts against the symbols of this religion, which lead to the radicalization of people in some Muslim countries.

   We relying on our recent and positive experience of cooperation against the discriminatory act of behavior by some Danish youth people against one of the holy symbol of Islam, declare that our organizations will go on their activities towards the finding ways against such negative cases.

  Highly appreciating the role of “All different-All equal” European youth campaign that “promotes diversity, inclusion and participation in society…in the spirit of the “European Youth Campaign against racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and intolerance” we emphasize on the necessity to implement common projects which correspond with the ideas of intercultural and intereligious dialogue among youth. In this sense our organizations pin hopes that, the participants of the forthcoming “Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue in Youth Work” Symposium (to be held in Istanbul, 27-31 March and organized by COE, Government of Turkey and ICYF-DC) will find the ways of solving crisis situations created by the acts of intolerance, and extremism. Hopefully the current “Towards a shared future” seminar being implemented in Turkey by the DYC will be effective We also positively appreciate the role “Youth for Alliance of Civilizations” Initiative, launched by the ICYF-DC, which can be considered as effective contribution to the maintaining of dialogue among youth of different civilizations that in its turn is directed to the decreasing of radicalization of young people.

   We recognizing our adherence to the protection of basic principles of human rights and democracy reflected in the international documents call the youth organizations of the world to make their contributions to the preventing of extremist activities with the participation of youth. We call on leading European institutions to make concrete legislative steps towards the restriction and banning of the activities of political and other groups that offend the religious feelings of people. Simultaneously we call the OIC as well OIC Member-States to toughen the legislation towards the prohibition of radical groups which misuse Islam religion to achieve their narrow-fanatic goals.