The world community is witnessing the third week of Israel’s military agression against Lebanon in continuiation to its inadequate assual against the civilian targets in the Palestinian Authority. Up to day in Lebanon about 500 civilians were killed among whom overhelming majority are innocent children, women and elders; hundreds of houses, factories and other vital infrastructura facilities were destroyed. According to the last reports a number of internal displaced people estimated to reach over 700 000 ones.

   Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and cooperation, an institution affiliated to the OIC with deep regret has to note that neither the United Nations, nor the influential powers have taken decisive actions to prevent the bloody actions by Israeli army against innocent people It is even more regretfull that some governments have tried to justify Israel’s attacks portraying them as acts of self-defence. It is evident that non-punishment, and at least the absence of international political will to restrain the agressor enable the agressor to feel its impunity and continue to kill the innocent people in big numbers.

   Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation has strongly condemned the Israeli aggression against Lebanon and Palestine and called on the UN Security Council to take decisive steps to prevent the continuation of the bloody massacres. The Forum has also praised decisive actions taken by the OIC General Secretary Dr.Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu both to bring about political resolution of the current crisis and to foster humanitarian assistance to suffering Lebanese civilians.

   In this regard the ICYF-DC welcomes convening of the OIC Extraordinary Summit to be held on 3 August in Malaysia and urges the Heads of the OIC Member States and Governments to express decisiveness and solidarity in actions able of influencing international community , in particular the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council to step up and undertake  immediate measures in order to cease massive Israeli assaults against the Lebanon and pressure the aggressor to engage into the political solution of the crisis. Expressing the calls being received these days from our Member Organizations and thousands of youth throughout the world we invite the Delegates of the Summit to consider practical measures to stop the ongoing aggression against the OIC Member State, including boycotting Israel until it fully cease military actions against the civilian targets.

  The ICYF-DC expresses its full support to decisive decisions to be endorsed by the Summit as well as its readiness to spare no efforts in communicating the OIC position to world community and global civil society and to undertake all necessary measures to stop the suffering of brotherly peoples of Palestine and Lebanon.