Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC) strongly condemns the so-called constitutional referendum held in Nagorno Karabakh on 10 December 2006, which interferes with an ongoing peace process towards the solution of this conflict and violates the principles and norms of international law.
Unfortunately the Republic of Armenia that occupied about 20 percent of the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, – Nagorno Karabakh and surrounding six districts – and pursued policy of ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijanis hasn’t been punished by world community. Despite of adoption of four resolutions by UN SC denouncing the occupation of lands of Azerbaijan, Armenia continues to ignore the violation of international law. ICYF-DC calls world community to take real steps to eliminate the consequences of the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan.

   ICYF-DC expresses its satisfaction regarding the position of CE, OSCE, particularly OIC that duly condemned the holding of illegal referendum in Nagorno Karabakh, thereby demonstrated the respect to the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and the principles of international law.

   ICYF-DC expresses its hope that this conflict will find its legal solution by diplomatic means as well as again calls the leading international organizations to strengthen their activities to put an end to the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan.