On behalf of the Members of the Islamic Conference Youth Forum the Board of ICYF expresses its deep indignation with the alleged barbaric desecration of the Holy Quran by military authorities at Guantanamo Bay imprisonment camp, reported by certain media outlets. These acts if found to be true are unjustifiable under any pretext and constitute grave violation of common human values, including principles of respect to religious expression and basic human rights. The ICYF is of view that such kind of practices if confirmed contribute to rising the trends of religious hatred and extremism worldwide.

   While noting as a positive step the reported investigation by military authorities into the alleged criminal act, we join our voices with those throughout the world who are demanding the Government of the United States to have quick and objective investigation of the case and if the allegations are found to be true, to severely punish those responsible for the humiliating acts, and to undertake all necessary measures to prevent it ever happening again.
The ICYF also appeals to youth of Muslim world to be cautious of being exposed to provocations of those who would like to use the incident to inflame violence in our countries, and to express their protest in non-violent ways.