On 10 January, 2006 Norwegian “Magazinet” newspaper republished series of cartoons previously published in Danish newspaper of “Jyllands Posten” portraying Prophet Muhammad (SAS) in a way gravely contradicting not only principles of Islam but also the historic facts related to the life and prophetic mission of this great personality. Those cartoons were intentionally drawing the image of the Holy Prophet, respected by the representatives of the whole civilized world as one of the greatest promoters of peace, tolerance and compassion, being the sacred figure for the hundreds of millions of Muslims throughout the Globe in a way intolerable for a civilized human beings. As a result this act has incited legitimized emotions of millions of Muslims and peoples of good will from different beliefs around the world.

   Many Muslim countries, the Organization of the Islamic Conference as well as Muslim communities living in the West have expressed their protests against this act of insulting directed both against the Holy Prophet and one of the World’s religions based on the principles of  tolerance and peace.

On behalf of Muslim youth the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation expresses its protest and resentment against such vandal act of insulation of religious beliefs of millions, calls upon the said media outlets to apologize and denounce these acts of offend and prevent their repetition in the future. It is our firm belief that the freedom of expression doesn’t mean freedom to insult and defame sanctuaries of others. Therefore the ICYFDC joins many official and private institutions throughout the world calling upon Danish Government to denounce this act following the example by the Norwegian high officials. Failure to do that might create an impression of sanctioning the inexcusable offends against Muslim peoples and by inflaming religious sensitivities provoke clashes between radicals on both sides.

   Staying on the principles of tolerance and dialogue among the representatives of different cultures and religions, the ICYFDC calls on youth of different cultures ro raise their voice against the said acts and join their efforts in establishiing the global environment of mutual respect dialogue and understanding.