An inside look at the world’s biggest conflicts, through the eyes of those which have seen too much

ICYF-dc’s Media team invites virtual storytellers and photographers from around the Muslim world to capture, present and discuss the current crisis in their home countries. The project aim is to collectively put out images from people that are on the ground and unite young peace activists in contextualizing their impact all under one banner. The banner is #StopTheWarAtHome photo project, which our media team has launched today on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The images will be all crowd-sourced from young photographers in the OIC countries. Our goal with #StopTheWarAtHome is to bring the human-interest photographs and stories to the OIC council of Foreign Ministers.

We believe that the visual representation of the conflicts express a ‘real feel’ and strongly believe people connect to that. Our intend is to share stories of human interest in particular that of the Muslim Youth living in the conflict areas.


OUR mission: to deliver YOUR story to YOUR Minister

*A collection of the crowd-sourced photos will be delivered to Foreign Minister of each of the 57 OIC Member States at the forthcoming 42nd session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers.

Each photo you post, share, or tweet using #StopTheWarAtHome helps to raise awareness.

What is in it for you?

– Best photos will be published in the #StopTheWarAtHome Book of Photography

– Best photo wins a Samsung galaxy s6

– Your Story reaches Your Minister

Deadline photo submission: 20/05/2015
Submission open to all citizens of the OIC member states. Email: office@icyf-dc.org


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