Summary of Final Recommendations


Summary of Final Recommendations

To the 13th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference


11-13 April 2016, (4-6 Rajab 1437) Istanbul




On 11-13 April 2016 the First Young Leaders Pre-Summit of the OIC Countries was organized in Istanbul by ICYF-DC in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the OIC General Secretariat. Young Leaders Pre-Summit convened (in accordance with the decision of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers Res. No.8/42-C) as a pre-Summit youth event of the 13th Session of Islamic Summit Conference being held on 14-15 April 2016, in Istanbul, the Republic of Turkey, under the High Patronage of H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of the Republic of Turkey and gathered more than 200 young people representing all the OIC Member States and Muslim minorities worldwide and playing leading role in all areas of life on national and international levels. The Summit has assessed the state of more than 300 million young people in the OIC countries as well as crucial issues concerning young people globally and came up with concrete Recommendations aimed at fostering government policies in order to expedite all-out development of Muslim youth; mobilize their creative energies as factor of positive change and well-being of the OIC countries; increase their role in international efforts to counter radicalization, extremism as well as Islamophobia and other forms of unjust discrimination.

The central part of these Recommendations consists of proposal for the OIC Youth Strategy to be developed as an important base for youth population and the responsible authorities, NGOs and other stakeholders and to encompass proactive youth policies on national level and interactive cooperation between the OIC Member States. Below is the Summary of Young Leaders Summit Recommendations entitled “10 Goals in 10 Years” and being presented to the high attention of the Heads of States gathered for the 13th session of the Islamic Summit Conference as the following:

  1. TO UPSCALE EDUCATIONAL LEVEL AND EXTEND PROPER TRAINING to Muslim youth for keeping them abreast of contemporary trend of globalization, by strengthening their understanding of the challenges it poses. In this regard to upgrade the rating of 20 universities in the OIC countries into the World Top 500 list and widely promote environment of continuous non-formal education such youth centers for training and competence development;
  1. TO ENSURE WELL-BEING AND ECONOMIC PROSPECTS OF YOUNG PEOPLE by radically decreasing in 5 years period the current OIC youth unemployment rate of 15,6% to world annual of 12,6%; promoting collaboration between governments, private sector, educational institutions in support of youth entrepreneurship initiatives; designing special programmes of investment in youth start-up as well as in youth oriented social projects on national and OIC levels.
  1. TO ENSURE GREATER PARTICIPATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE in all areas of public and social life by initiating youth involvement in national decision-making process including but not limited to leadership programmes starting from early educational level.
  1. TO PREVENT YOUTH RADICALIZATION and promote inter-sectarian and inter-community dialogue by denying terrorist groups such as Daesh, PKK and so forth of imposing subversive ideologies on young generation. In this regard to support establishment of an all-OIC youth media platform where young people will have the chance of constructive self-expression; enhancing sense of active citizenship, achieving true understanding of Islam as religion of peace; countering destructive violent ideologies and rehabilitating those affected by extremist propaganda;
  1. TO ACHIEVE REAL COOPERATION AND CLOSER SOLIDARITY OF MUSLIM YOUTH through supporting tools such as youth/student exchanges and youth camps; OIC Youth Capital Programme and Islamic Solidarity Games and actively promote them by OIC Youth Waqf to be established in support of intellectual and socio-economic development of Muslim youth;
  1. TO EMPOWER PEACEFUL VOICE OF YOUTH IN MUSLIM COMMUNITIES in non-member States by countering all manifestations of racism and Islamophobia on political level; overcoming effects of collective discrimination such as against people of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by implementing solidarity youth programmes in those communities.
  2. TO STRENGTHEN MUSLIM YOUTH INVOLVEMENT IN GLOBAL PEACE building by supporting international initiatives such as “I am Palestinian under 50”, “Justice for Khojaly” campaigns aimed at ending aggression against and defending territorial integrity of the OIC Member States.
  3. TO BRIDGE GENDER GAP by lifting institutional barriers for women to enter the job market, motivating female employment with a view of achieving reduction in 5 years period of female unemployment rate in the OIC countries to the world’s average of 15%;
  1. TO EMPOWER MUSLIM YOUTH INPUT IN GLOBAL EFFORTS for sustainable development by supporting establishment and promotion of the OIC Youth for Green Earth Day; designing educational and civic awareness action to popularize Islamic values of environmentalism;
  1. TO BUILD A COMPREHENSIVE AND COORDINATED OIC JOINT YOUTH POLICY by establishing coordination and follow-up mechanism of the OIC Youth Ministerial Conferences; adopting Joint Youth Strategy; providing support to newly established Permanent Joint Committee on Youth Affairs;


With respect and high expectation for better future for youth and the whole Ummah these Recommendations are presented to the high attention of the Honorable Heads of States at the 13th session of the Islamic Summit Conference on 14 April 2016 (8 Rajab 1437).