The winners of “Gallipoli: 100 Years 1000 Stories of Humanity” Essay Contest has been announced

The winners of “Gallipoli: 100 Years 1000 Stories of Humanity” Essay Contest has been announced

The winners of “Gallipoli: 100 Years 1000 Stories of Humanity” Essay Contest has been announced

 The winners of “Gallipoli: 100 Years 1000 Stories of Humanity” Essay Contest organized for for the commemoration of 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli by Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC) has been announced in a special ceremony.


The premier winner of the contest whose Chair of the Jury was held by Dr. John Vecihi Basarin, the award winner of Anzac Peace Prize was Martin Holmes from New Zealand who stated that the world still witnesses the wars and thousands od casualities because of the impositions of imperial powers. Bosnian Emina Hasanagic whose grand-relatives fought in Gallipoli took the second place. And Polina Dunai from Ukrain who mentioned the current war case in her country received the third place.


The special prizes were delivered to Eda Sarac from Turkey, Nassef Manabilang Adiong from Philippines and Adilbek Nursen from Kyrgyzstan.


Speaking in the opening session of the ceremony, Ambassador Elshad Iskandarov, the President of ICYF-DC brought his important remarks saying “”This week we have witnessed two stories in the international media. One is story is the Battle of #Gallipoli after 100 years. Gallipoli Battle was not great because of the military tactics but because of thousands who were defending their mother land. Both sides fought because of what they perceived for their national interests. Gallipoli Battle has yet another importance since after the thousands of casualties, it has demonstrated a great gentleman tie among the soldiers of “enemies”. But today, how the new generation recollect the Battle of Gallipoli? We organized this competition to reveal the answer of this question without censoring, withouting editing, without touching.


The other story is the 100th anniversary of so-called Armenian Genocide. The message of this story is hatred and unacceptance of the others, rejecting dialogue, rejecting historical truths and researches and accusation of baseless claims that only one nation had been tried to eliminated. But Gallipoli itself has denied these accusations because the the people of Armenian origin were fighting in Gallipoli. The Armenian doctors were curing wounded soldiers in Gallipoli. It was fraternity, it was brotherhood, it was unity, it was solidarity in those lands. There was no genocide.

Thanks to this international essay competition, I thank all the participants from 38 different countries who gives peace and fraternity messages in their essays.”


Dr. John Vecihi Basarin, the Chair of the Jury underlined the friendship among Turks and Anzacs saying “”I am quite pleased that ICYF-DC took the opportunity to bring another dimention to the concept of friendship through this essay competition. Frankly, I was very glad with the peaceful messages of young people. As youth, as the people who will take the flags for the coming decades, I was comfortable that the youth of today is very much focused on peace rather than war. So, this contest was demonstrating the showcase of Turkey focusing on peace and considering the wars as a common pain of humanity. I hope we can also propagate the peace to the neighbourhood of Turkey, too.”

In the ceremony, the certificates to the winners were presented and ICYF-DC forwarded thanks to Jury through special plates. The ceremony ended with taking the family photo as the memory of this special day.

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