Member Organizations



Afghanistan, “Afghanistan National Destination Trend”

Albania, “Istanbul Brotherhood Solidarity and Cultural Association”

Algeria, “African Youth Network for Sustainable Development”

Azerbaijan, “National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan”

Bahrain, “4Shabab Global Organization”

Bangladesh, “Bangladesh Youth Forum on ICT”

Benin, “National Youth Council Benin”

Burkina-Faso, “Association des élevés et étudiants musulmans au Burkina”

Cameroon, “Cameroon National Youth Council”

Chad, “Organisation Des Jeunes Pour La Promotion Et Le Developpement”

Comoros, “National Youth Network of Comoros”

Cote D’ivoire, “Association des Elèves et Etudiants Musulmans de Côte d’Ivoire”

Djibouti, “Djibouti National Youth Council”

Gabon, “Conseil National De La Jeunesse Du Gabon”

Gambia, “The Gambia National Youth Council”

Guinea, “African Youth Development Center”

Guinea-Bissau, “Conselho Nacional da Juventude”

Guyana, “Guyana Islamic Trust”

Indonesia, “Indonesian National Youth Council”

Iran, “Youth for Social Responsibility”

Jordan, “Jordan Youth Innovation Forum”

Kazakhstan, “Youth Congress of Kazakhstan”

Kuwait, “Asia Muslim Committee, Youth Section”

Kyrgyzistan, “Association of Young Enterpreneurs of the Kyrgyz Republic”

Libya, “National Union of the Libyan Youth”

Malaysia, “Malaysian Youth Council”

Maldives, “Ministry of Youth and Sports, Maldives”

Mali, “L’Union des Jeunesse Musulmans du Mali”

Morocco, “FIKRA”

Mozambique, “Khensane Mozambique”

Niger, “Jeunesse Environnement Démocratie Développement”

Pakistan, “Youth Alliance for Human RightS”

State of Palestine, “Higher Council for Youth and Sport”

Republic of Senegal, “Communauté Africaine pour le Développment de Leadership”

Republic of Sierra Leone, “Independent Youth Forum Sierra Leone”

Somalia, “Somali Youth Development and Voluntary Organization”

Sudan, “National Federation of Sudanese Youth”

Syria, “Special Guests”

Tajikistan, “Association of Citizens Society / Youth in Development”

Republic of Togo, “National Youth Council Togo”

Turkmenistan, “The Foundation of Solidarity, Science, Health, Education, Investigation, Development and Service to Örük Yoruk-Turkman Culture”

Uganda, “Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum”

Yemen, “Youth and Sport Leadership Qualification Center”



Bosnia, “Fondasija Dobro Srce”

Georgia, “Youth Center of Georgian Muslims”

Kashmir, “Kashmir Institute of International Affairs”

Romania, “Scheherazade Foundation”

Tatarstan, “Tatarstan Republic Youth Social Fund”

Ukraine, “SAMU”