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Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum” (hereinafter referred to as “Forum”) is an international, non-commercial, non-partisan organization uniting leading umbrella youth organizations from the Member-States of the Organization of Islamic-Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the OIC) as well as international youth organizations, operating in the OIC region and youth organizations representing significant Muslim minorities worldwide. The Forum was established at its Founding General Assembly held in Baku, Azerbaijan on 1 – 3 December 2004 in accordance with the resolution No.: 15/31-C adopted by the 31 st Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers held on 14-16 June 2004, in Istanbul, the Republic of Turkey; and granted with the status of affiliated institution to the OIC by the virtue of the resolution No.: 3/32-C adopted by the 32 nd Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers held on 28-30 June 2005, in Sana’a, Yemen. The Forum is registered as a legal entity in the Republic of Turkey through “The Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF) on the Establishment in Istanbul of the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF)” – Host Country Agreement signed by the Parties concerned on 15 May 2008, in Ankara and entered into force by the Decree No.: 2009/15638 (Official Newspaper of 15 December 2009, No: 27433). This current
Charter and the Host Country Agreement constitute the legal framework for the Forum. The activities of the Forum are stemming from this Charter, relevant decisions of the Forum’s governing bodies and conducted in line with the relevant decisions of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers and Islamic Conference of Youth and Sports Ministers.

The objectives of the Forum are:

1. To facilitate resolution of social-economic, moral and cultural problems youth of the OIC region is facing with;

2. To promote the exchange of ideas and experiences and mutual understanding among young people from the OIC countries ;

3. To increase active participation of youth and youth organizations of the OIC
countries in societal life of their respective countries and the region at large;

4. To promote solidarity among youth organizations of the region, consolidate their activity on the ground of shared moral principles and cultural values, and enhance cooperation in the fields of economic and social development, technical cooperation, cultural exchange and other fields of activities, which are crucial for
resolving the common problems of the OIC youth;

5. To act at international level cooperating with youth organizations and other inter-governmental, governmental and non-governmental entities from different countries of the world which has to serve the idea of dialogue of civilizations and tolerance among them;

6. To hold mutual projects which can meet the principles of solidarity, dialogue and cooperation among youth organizations and finding out of way of solving the problems of youth in these countries.

The ICYF’s highest decision- making body is its General Assembly.

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