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18 March 2019
ICYF commemorates 104th anniversary of Canakkale Victory

Among the most important events that are indelible part of the Turkish and world history is the 18 March 1915 Çanakkale Victory. The day is marked with unforgettable memories of a glorious struggle of a nation in its unity and togetherness, a heroic legend rarely seen in the history of mankind elsewhere.
While celebrating the 104th anniversary of Çanakkale Victory, which is the embodiment of great faith, a tremendous zeal, and an unshakable determination, H.E. Mr. Taha Ayhan, the ICYF President, pays tribute and respect with thanks to all martyrs who gave their lives in this good fortune and remembering each and every hero of it with mercy, respect and gratitude.
They are not written with a historical pen but with blood…
18 March 1915

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