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7 October 2019
ICYF participated in ‘The International Seminar and Simulation of ECO on Tourism and Transit Cooperation’

ICYF Delegation headed by Mr. Ahmet Halit Hatip, Director of Foreign Affairs, participated in ‘The International Seminar and Simulation of ECO on Tourism and Transit Cooperation’ held on 2-4 October 2019 hosted by Mashhad Municipality and Economic Cooperation Organization.

ICYF delegation have addressed at panel entitled ‘International Transit and Tourism Cooperation’ along with Dr. Ali Reza Moussavizadeh, Asst. Prof. at Islamic Azad University, Dr. Nader Jafari, Asst. Prof. at Imam Sadegh University, and Mrs. Bayan Adilbekova, Head of Research Projects at ECO.

On the last day of the event, ICYF officers chaired the ECO Simulation of Foreign Affairs with the participation of young delegates. The Event concluded by closing remarks of ICYF delegation at the closing ceremony in which he also thanked to the organizers for the outstanding arrangements as well as congratulate the participants for their successful participation to the simulation.

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