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3 April 2019
ICYF President Mr.Taha Ayhan participates Commonwealth Youth Dialogue Conference in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

On 2 April 2019, the ICYF President H.E. Mr. Taha Ayhan delivered the opening speech during  the Opening Remarks of Youth Dialogue Conference being organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

During his speech, the ICYF President emphasized that such kind of conferences, activities enable to redefine a new image of the positive, effective and constructictive role of young people in societies, and their great potential to help solving problems and  overcome  challenges, for many years in countries affected by wars and violence, youth were  commonly perceived as either perpetrators or victims.

In such context, he took a moment to recall the horrendous terrorist attack against two mosques in New Zealand to highlight that more needed to be done by all to ensure young people stay away from violent extremism. Continuing with the New Zealand incident, he expressed satisfaction on the manner H.E. Mrs. Jacinda Arden, its Prime Minister, handled the aftermath to ensure that Islam and Muslims were part of her country. Mr. Taha therefore requested the meeting to join the OIC in its call for the international community to adopt 15 March as the “International Day against Islamophobia”.

During the panel session, H.E. Mr. Ayhan answered questions by youth and explained the ICYF vision to provide young people sustainable platforms to discuss their common problems and creating its practical solutions.

The ICYF President expressed his gratitude for being invited by the Commonwealth Secretariat to be part if such an important initiative, which may mark the bigining of a fruitful cooperation with the ICYF, which is ready to strengthening  collabration for effectively serving Youth in every aspect in the geography shared by the two Institutions.

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