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Indonesian Islamic Young Leaders Summit organized by National Youth Council of Indonesia has successfully started in Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia

Indonesian Islamic Young Leaders Summit organized by National Youth Council of Indonesia has successfully started on 23rd of November 2019 in Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia.

During the Opening Ceremony of the IIYLS, important figures both from Indonesian Government and ICYF has made a statement to 500 local young people including international delegates from OIC Member States. Mr. Fachrul Razi, the Minister of Religious Affair of the Republic of Indonesia alongside with Dr. Hidayat Nur Wahid, the Vice Speaker of People’s Consultative Assembly represented Indonesian Government by addressing the participants. On behalf of ICYF President H.E. Mr. Taha Ayhan, Mr. Rasul Omarov, the Director General of ICYF, read the statement of Mr. Ayhan and congratulated the organizers for thriving arrangements of the Summit.

The first day of the Summit preserved with the panel sessions on OIC Standing Committees and its agendas. On Islamic Conference Youth and Sport Ministers panel, Mr. Rasul Omarov participated as a panelist and informed the participants regarding ICYF’s mission and vision. Also Mr. Omarov highlighted the importance of OIC Youth Strategy and ICYF’s responsibilities towards the fulfillment of the strategy as a main implementer organization.
The day has concluded with the Model OIC Training Session by experts from ICYF. During the Training Session, ICYF Delegation has informed the participants regarding the Rules & Procedures of Model OIC and its aim. The training finalized with presentation on how to draft resolution paper.

IIYLS will continue until 25th of November 2019 with Model OIC Committee Sessions and Young Business Hub side event on Islamic Financing.

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