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  • “Muslims need to stop being on the defensive” says Dr. @jcarr1975 from University of Limerick, Ireland, and emphasi… https://t.co/eiKmAzmLsf
  • 17 minutes ago
  • Dr. James Carr from University of Limerick conducted a training session on “European Muslim Youth: Identity Facing… https://t.co/C3NvI6goOr
  • 19 hrs ago
  • Dorsaf Ben Dhiab from @euromuslimwomen shares an intriguing experience with European Parliament regarding the perce… https://t.co/NRZkprXU2S
  • 23 hrs ago
  • Condolence Message to the Government and People of Turkey over the Devastating Earthquake. https://t.co/Zkzw4DhjL9
  • yesterday
  • Mrs. Dorsaf Ben Dhiab from European Forum of Muslim Women (@euromuslimwomen) held a session on “Gendered Islampopho… https://t.co/bMyITCfryM
  • yesterday
  • Second day of the #HeadsUpHigh program starts with Assoc. Prof. Ergin Ergül from the Constitutional Court of Republ… https://t.co/lMu8UH9gow
  • yesterday
  • RT @alihuseyinoglu: It was a pleasure to speak to such a motivated group of young people. Please keep your good work @ICYF_Official! #Heads…
  • 2 days ago
  • What should Muslim Youth do to raise awareness on Islamophobia and How can they contribute to their communities? Dr… https://t.co/lXc3lxpD5a
  • 2 days ago
  • Dr. @alihuseyinoglu shares his insights about the Islamophobia and European Institutions focusing on experiences fr… https://t.co/sHEl6zcIqB
  • 2 days ago
  • First Session of Heads Up High Program starts with Dr. Osman Yapar speaking on “Islamophobia and Intercultural Dial… https://t.co/rwhFwcNczp
  • 2 days ago