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29 September 2019
Mr. Taha Ayhan, participated in the launching of the first ever Global Muslim Philanthropy Fund for Children at the UN

ICYF Delegation headed by Mr. Taha Ayhan, ICYF President, participated in the launching of the first ever Global Muslim Philanthropy Fund for Children, an initiative by UNICEF and Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), at the UN.

Attending the event as benefactor of “Leaving No Child Out Of School in OIC Member Countries by 2030” campaign, ICYF President Mr. Taha Ayhan met with Mr. Ghafur Dharmaputra, Deputy Minister of Human Development and Cultural Affairs of Indonesia, and Amb. Tariq Ali Bakheet, Assistant Secretary General of Humanitarian, Culture and Social Affairs at the OIC, and engaged with other stakeholders to contribute to effective implementation of the initiative. IsDB President Dr. Bandar Hajjar
and UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore both praised the initiative and asserted that the fund will be substantial and long-term change benefiting all children in supported countries. The fund will open new opportunities for Muslim philanthropy to reach the millions of children currently in need of humanitarian support and help achieve the SDGs in the OIC Member States.

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