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The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) Logo Design Competition

The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) Logo Design Competition

Award: 1,500.00 $                                  

Object of the Competition: Design a new logo for the ICYF to reflect the renewed aspiration of the Muslim World of bringing about changes the ICYF is going through, especially after its 3rd General Assembly, held in Istanbul, on 22-24 October 2018.

Type of Competition: A design competition will be organized among the applicants from the OIC Member States, with prizes awarded by a panel of judges, referred to as the Jury.

Applicants: Professional/Private/Graphic designers, Arts, and Design academics, senior students working in the field of Art and Design, organizations/institutes working in the field of designing, multidisciplinary teams led by professional or renowned designers of the OIC Member States.


  1. The logo should be original, modern, abstract and dynamic;
  2. The name of the Institution in the logo should respect the three (03) official languages, Arabic, French, and English.
  3. The logo should be the symbolic representation of the common denominator that brings the Member States together from different corners of the world under one umbrella i.e. the feeling of Islamic Solidarity towards youth betterment;
  4. The color(s)/symbol(s)/ used in the logo should be vibrant and reflective of Islamic Culture and in line with those used by the OIC (for reference, see;
  5. The logo should be functional and easy to use. For instance, from the functional point of view it is not advisable to use the verses from the Holy Quran in the logo as the respectful status of Quranic verses limits the use of the logo in certain places;
  6. The logo should reflect the spirit of ICYF work in regards to:
  • Advocacy of youth interests,
  • Supporting sustainable development,
  • Promoting formal and non-formal education,
  • Strengthening the moral values of the young generation and
  • Engaging in the dialogue among cultures and civilizations.
  1. There is no specific shape preference for the logo. As per the opinion of the Jury, the shape that better includes all the criteria defined above would get the preference;
  2. All standard technical specifications (CMYK color, jpg format, high resolution etc.) required for an international standard logo need to be maintained;
  • Only one entry shall be permitted per individual.
  • Applicants should upload the Logo in (.svg, .ai, .eps, .pdf, .ps) format and the design should be submitted in vector graphics.
  • The logo must be designed on a digital platform, in an open file format which may be edited.
  • The Logo should be in high resolution with minimum 300 DPI.
  • Plagiarism of any nature will not be allowed; the winning design should not be in violation of copyright Acts internationally.
  1. Applicants should attach a detailed CV along with their entries in the dedicated section of the ICYF website found in the below link “Apply Now”;
  2. The applicant also accepts that if his/her Logo/Design will be selected as a winning Logo/Design, He/She will surrender all claims, rights, and ownership in favor of the ICYF. And the ICYF will become the rightful owner of the Logo/Design and also become the absolute owner of all the Intellectual Property Rights attached to the winning Logo/Design. And the ICYF will be free to use the Logo/Design in whatever manner the ICYF deems fit and the winning applicant will not have any objection in it.
  3. The Jury reserves the right to select or discard any design submitted for the competition.

Selection of proposals: In Phase One the Jury will shortlist a number of proposals on the basis of the merit of the ideas and other criteria. A selected number of applicants will then be invited to present their proposals in Phase Two, which will lead to the selection of the winner.

Announcement of Winner: 15th March 2019



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