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13 January 2020
Tree Planting event was held in Doha, OIC Youth Capital 2019

“The Planting Trees” event was organized as a part of the Doha OIC Youth Capital 2019 by The Ministry of Culture and Sports of Qatar, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment of Qatar and ICYF on Saturday with the participation of H.E. Mr Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, H.E. Mr Abdulla bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie, Minister of Municipality and Environment, Mr. Rasul Omarov, Director General of ICYF, ambassadors representing OIC Countries, and students from OIC member states studying in Qatar.

During the event 56 trees dedicated to each member of the OIC states have been planted by the young participants from OIC countries. The event was intended to commemorate Doha’s hosting of the activities of Doha OIC Youth Capital 2019, to emphasize the value of planting in the Islamic religion, and to achieve institutional partnerships between ministries. After a year of hosting diverse events to inspire Muslim youth from countries around the world, the closing ceremony of the Doha OIC Youth Capital 2019 will be held on Thursday, 16 January with the attendance of representatives from the OIC Member States.

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