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2 April 2019
Youth carry great potential for overcoming conflict


Young people carry great potential for positive, effective and constructive roles in solving problems and overcoming challenges in violence-stricken countries, the head of an international youth forum said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the Youth Dialogue Conference 2019 on Peace and Security in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Taha Ayhan said the young were often misconceived as victims or perpetrators in areas affected by conflict.

During the conference organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat, Ayhan emphasized the importance of such conventions that serve as “sustainable platforms” to discuss young people’s common problems and reach practical solutions.

New Zealand terror attacks

Following the mid-March terror attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, which killed 50 Muslims and left about as many injured, Ayhan underlined that youth needed to be prevented from falling into violent extremism.

He expressed satisfaction on the manner that New Zealand Premier Jacinda Arden handled the incident in stressing that Islam and Muslims were part of her country.

Ayhan requested the conference join the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in its call on international community to adopt 15 March — the day of the attack — as the “International Day against Islamophobia”.

Beginning on Monday, the conference is slated to continue until April 4 with the aim of building the capacity of emerging young leaders to bridge communities and prevent violent extremism through dialogue.

It has attracted the participation of students from Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Singapore.


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